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Apple Announces 6 New Products at ‘Spring loaded’ event: Apple New Products

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Apple on Tuesday announced a new range of new hardware products including the super-capable iPad Pro and redesigned iMac. Here are all the biggest announcements from event.
Apple announced a number of new products at an event held on its campus in Cupertino, California. The highlight, of course, was the iPad Pro with a mini-LED display and a newly redesigned iMac. The company is also launching a new podcast subscription service, a new Apple TV streaming box, a new iPhone 12 color option and more. If you missed an event, here's what you need to know.

Apple announces podcast subscription

In an effort to increase revenue, Apple is releasing subscriptions to Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts subscriptions will be available to audiences in more than 170 countries and regions by May. The price for each subscription is set by the creators and is charged monthly by default. In addition, creators can add additional annual subscriptions, which subscribers can manage from their Apple ID account settings. The company has also redesigned its Apple Podcast program.

Apple introduces a new color for the iPhone 12: Purple

Apple is announcing the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini which will be available in a new purple color starting April 30, with pre-orders starting this Friday. The new iPhone 12 is no different from the existing model, it's just a new device color. Prices start at Rs 79,990 and Rs 69,900, respectively.

The long-awaited AirTag is here

Finally, Apple has finally announced AirTag, a brand new iPhone accessory. A device like Tile uses Apple's technology called Find My, which uses a network of iPhones to find lost items such as keys or bags. AirTag costs Rs 3190 each or Rs 10,900 four. It will hit the shelves on April 30. There is also a special Hermès list for both AirTag and its owner.

Apple is updating the Apple TV 4K with a new processor, remote

The Apple TV 4K box is finally updated. It is now proud of its new A12 processor and includes a redesigned aluminum remote with body buttons. The new remote includes a fingerprint clip and a clickable D-Pad. The remote control works backwards with Apple TVs older than run tvOS, and will be available in May. The new Apple TV starts at Rs 18,900 with the last 32GB. It will be pre-ordered on April 30 and will begin shipping in the second half of May. Apple also sold a new Apple TV remodel separately for Rs 5800.

Apple announces new iMacs with several color options

For the first time, the Mac comes with an M1 processor and not an Intel chip inside. But that is not all. The new iMac has a new, lightweight aluminum design, and comes in red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, silver and green. The new iMac looks a lot like the iPad Pro.
 Apple says the iMac volume has been reduced by 50 percent, which has led to a smoother build. It comes with a 24-inch screen and offers an enhanced webcam that can record 1080p video. It also ships with Apple's new magnetic connector. The basic model costs Rs 119,900 while the upgraded version costs Rs 139,900. New iMacs will be available for pre-order by April 30th.

Apple announces a review of the iPad Pros with a desktop processor

As expected, Apple introduced new models of the iPad Pro. They will be available 11-inch and 12.9-inch, with an 8-core GPU M1 chip and a new Thunderbolt connector. The top 12.9-inch model, meanwhile, is playing a new mini-LED screen.

For the first time, Apple is bringing the company's M1 processor to the iPad Pro. Apple claims that the iPad Pro reaches 1500x faster than the original iPad, which was first launched in 2010. That is not all. Comes with a new Thunderbolt port that supports a wide range of accessories.

The new iPad Pro also has an improved camera app for photography. The front camera has a 12MP wide lens. The updated iPad Pro is also available in the 2TB storage option. As rumored earlier, the new iPad Pro also supports 5G connectivity with faster data transfer speeds.

In terms of accessories, the Magic Keyboard now comes with a white color option. Apple pencil remains unchanged.
The 11-inch model starts at Rs 71,900 and the 12.9-inch model costs Rs 99,900. They will be available for pre-order by April 30 and will be shipped in late May.

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