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Black Fungus: Is it a big concern for Covid-19 infected patients


Black Fungus
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) is a serious but rare fungal infection that develops blackish molds. This fungal infection develops by the group of molds that are present in the environment called Mucormycetes. These days, this fungus found linked with Covid-19 infected patients and mainly affect those people who have weak immunity and germ-fighting ability due to the fatal disease to fight the environmental pathogens.

Black Fungus was firstly recognized in the first wave of the Pandemic. Nowadays, Black Fungus became a severe problem for those who have recently been diagnosed with the Covid-19 and had any type of co-morbidities like Diabetes. The ICMR in their guidelines over the Black Fungus warned the Covid-19 patients with severe Diabetes who have taken steroids during the treatment. The guidelines were issued just after the wake of the Worrisome rise in the cases of Black Fungus.

According to the Health experts, the fungus is a matter of concern for those who are suffering from diabetes or any kind of immuno-suppressed individual after diagnosed with the Covid-19. The black fungus is on a boost in this second wave of the Pandemic and can even cause permanent blindness if not properly cared for. 


The patients must consult a Doctor or hospital whenever they experience nasal discharge (Blackish/Bloody), congestion, local pain on the chest, one side facial pain or swelling or numbness, toothache or loosening of teeth and jaw, blurred vision with pain, fever, skin lesion, thrombosis, necrosis (eschar), hemoptysis, pleural effusion and worsening in the respiratory condition. 

Condition of India:

In recent days the country has shown a wake in the new infection called Black Fungus. Generally speaking, this infection is majorly found in those patients who are diagnosed with the Covid-19 and it is said to be very critical for diabetic patients as the results are not that much suitable as it shows cases of permanent blindness or even cause the death of the patient. The majority of cases of this new infection found in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, and Telangana.

Around 8 covid-19 survivors succumbed due to the black fungus in Maharashtra whereas around 6 patients succumbed and 16 showing good results in Apollo Hospital Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad out of 50 cases recorded in past one month.


The Gujarat Hospitals are also trying their best to treat the patients as in Kiran Super Multispeciality Hospital said that they have successfully treated 50 patients of the infection and 60 are still waiting for the treatment. Delhi's Hospital also reported new cases of infection in the last few days.

Therefore, the wake of this deadly Black Fungus infection is also a matter of concern for the country as the country is presently tackling with the second wave of the Pandemic which resulted in the worsening of the health infrastructure. Here, the people need to take care of themselves and need to follow the ICMR guidelines and instructions of the government to tackle the pandemic and new infection collectively. 


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