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Prithviraj Chauhan: The essence of the Bravery and Sacrifice

Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan is also known as Rai Pithora was the ruler of the Chauhan Dynasty. He was born on the 12th day of the Jyeshtha month in the year 1166 (disputed) and blessed the Chauhan King Someshwar Chauhan of Ajaymeru (modern-day Ajmer) and karpuradevi princess of Kalachuri kingdom.  

Prithviraj’s father also emphasizes education equal to the ware-fare tactics like archery. It is also said that Prithviraj Chauhan mastered around 14 languages and some of the prominent subjects which include painting, mathematics, medicine (Ayurveda), and philosophy (Mimamsa). He is well experienced in Archery and Sword which are believed to be his key interests.

Prithviraj Chauhan is known for defeating Muhammad Ghori of Ghazni around 17 times when he invaded Bharat (India) with the purpose of looting and destroying its territory and securing a rule over it with the support of Jaychandra ruler of Kannauj. Prithviraj Chauhan advanced his Kingdom to many parts of present-day Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh under the Capital City Ajaymeru (modern-day Ajmer).   

Accession to the throne:

Someshwar Chauhan died in the battle in 1177 and as a result, 11 years old Prince Prithiviraj Chauhan inherited the Throne under his mother Karpuradevi’s guidance. Kaimash and Bhuvanaikamalla were the prominent ministers of Prithviraj’s administration and were served him in most of the prominent wars and administrative decisions.

Prithviraj Chauhan assumed total control of the administration of the Kingdom at the very young age of 14 years and before that, his mother used to acts as a Regent. The Bravery and Intellectuality in the ideas of Prithviraj, made her mother satisfy that her son can manage the kingdom on his shoulders.

Prithviraj Chauhan at a young age assumed total control over Delhi as his Maternal Grandfather Maharaja Anangpal, ruler of Delhi declared Prithviraj Chauhan as an heir of the Delhi province and given the throne despite a major contradiction on that Prithviraj proved his Grandfather right and advanced the territory of Delhi. 


Love Interest and Conflict with Jaychandra of Kannauj: 

The love story of Prithviraj Chauhan and Samyogita (Princess of Kannauj and Daughter of Jaychandra) is very famous even some depict them as two bodies, one soul. The major obstacle in their path was Jaychandra who wanted to take revenge from Prithviraj by overtaking him for Delhi’s crown. Raja Jayachandra of kannauj was greedy towards the Crown and Wealth.

Jayachandra conducted a Rajasuya Ceremony to prove his supremacy among all which Prithviraj denied and not participated which means refusal to accept him as the most powerful king of the Bharat (India). In order to take revenge, Jayachandra organized the Swayamvar for her Daughter Samyogita and didn’t invite Prithviraj Chauhan. 

Prithviraj Chauhan with around a hundred of his warriors conquered the kannauj and married Samyogita in front of Jayachandra after defeating him and his allies in the Swayamvar. This incident proved to be a shameful event for Jayachandra which reduces his supremacy and power in the surrounding region. This results in Jayachandra move towards the biggest betrayal to the motherland by shaking Hands with Muhammad Ghori of Ghazni. 

Military Career and Expansion of Empire:

Prithviraj Chauhan was a great warrior and due to his valor on the battlefield he had not even hesitates to conquer the powerful kingdom then his own. Prithviraj Chauhan has known for his merciful nature towards those who accepts his supremacy and their defeat. His priority was not to kill any ruler in place of that he used to liberate them or can imprison if the situation can become worsen in the future. 

Prithviraj had a conflict with the majority of the rulers as they don’t want any young ruler to govern or rule. Prithviraj Chauhan led the campaign against the Nagarjuna, Bhadanakas, Chandelas of Jejakanbhukti and the Chaulukyas of Gujarat and attains victory over all. 

Prithviraj also protected the Indian lands around 17 times against the foreign invader Muhammad Ghori. He failed him to attain his desire of capturing India. The main fault of Prithviraj was that he liberated Muhammad Ghori whenever he invades and as the consequence, he lost the 18th battle with him when Jayachandra betrayed his son-in-law and his motherland by joining hands with the mighty force of Muhammad Ghori. 

Battle with Ghurid’s and death of Prithviraj Chauhan:

The Ghurid forces use to invade the Indian territories to loot it, mass killing, rapes, and destruction of temples and religious places. They even use to commit forceful conversion into Islam. At the request of several kingdoms, Prithviraj fought several battles against the Ghurid forces led by the Muhammad Ghori to protect his religion and its people. In around 17 battles Prithviraj got success in defeating the Muhammad Ghori and made him retreat. 

The war between the Chauhan’s and Ghurid’s last long enough and causes tension in the Ghurid army whereas the Muhammad Ghori made his mind to defeat and make him his slave or prisoner at the Ghazna in order to avenge his continuous defeats against Prithviraj Chauhan. 

During the Second Battle of Tarain, the Ghurid forces and Kannauj forces led by Jayachandra allied with each other in order to defeat their common enemy that was Prithviraj Chauhan. The Ghurid forces attack the Chauhan army at night while they are sleeping and gutted the army into the fire with the help of forces led by Jayachandra. The incident results in the capturing of Prithviraj Chauhan and Chand Bardai taking them to the Ghazna after destroying the Ajaymeru and temples, and mass killing of the people of Bharat.

The Jayachadra after this incident become a symbol of a “traitor” in Hindu scriptures. At the Ghazna when Prithviraj refused to accept Islam, he was heinously beaten or tortured, he was made blind. The Chand Bardai urged Muhammad Ghori to give Prithviraj Chauhan a chance to entertain the court. Muhammad Ghori accepts the offer and makes Prithviraj enter the court and show his excellence in archery. 

The Administrator cum Poet Chand Bardai made a poem to Blind Prithviraj and Prithviraj killed the Muhammad Ghori sitting at the Crown on top. Shortly after the death of Muhammad Ghori, Prithviraj and Chand Bardai killed themselves. 

The Poem was: “Char bans, chaubis gaj, angul ashta praman, ta upar sultan hai, chuke mat Chauhan” through the poem Prithviraj navigates the Muhammad Ghori with damaged eyes. 

Therefore, the invincibility of Prithviraj Chauhan and his valor still exists in books and poems. This great warrior serves his people, religion, and nation. The story of Prithviraj Chauhan inspires us towards the feeling of patriotism. 

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