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Advent of Delta Plus variant, horrified the Country about third wave

Covid-19 Delta Plus Variant

India has recorded around 22 cases of the Delta Plus Variant of the Covid-19 Pandemic, majorly in Maharashtra and Kerala region, stated by the Union Government of India. Out of 22 cases, around 16 patients were found in the Ratnagiri and Jalgaon of the Maharashtra region. In contrast, some found in Madhya Pradesh and Kerala Bhushan stated in the press conference.

Health Secretary Rakesh Bhushan stated that the Delta Plus variant of the Pandemic is also found in other prominent countries, which includes the USA, UK, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Nepal, Japan and China. The Delta Plus variant is believed to be the disastrous incoming third wave of the Pandemic, it is formed through the mutation of Delta (B.1.617.2) variant is also known as the "Variant of Interest" and is not yet clarified as the "Variant of Concern" stated by Rakesh Bhushan. 


Meanwhile, the country is currently in the recovery mode of the second Wave of the Pandemic as the second wave hits India harder than the first one. In the last 24 hours, the country recorded less than 50,000 cases after a long 91 days row as India recorded 42640 fresh Covid-19 cases and around 1167 deceased.

However, the country also approached the "Historic milestone" of vaccination doses administered to the citizens as in the last 24 hours around 87 Lakh Vaccine doses administered in India, a record in any country. 

"There is the fact that about 87 lakh doses administered in India are just equivalent to the Population of New Zealand (5 Million) and Dubai (3 Million)".

Therefore, the country has shown tremendous invincibility in the fight against the Pandemic as Doctors and Scientist of the nation contributed a lot to secure the lives of several Indians; on the other hand Government of India is also seems poised to tackle the disastrous Covid-19 by their measures of safety.

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