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Biden vs Putin meeting in Geneva: Who gained what, a strategic Rivalry

Putin got exactly what he wanted from Biden in Geneva

biden putin

 Even before US President Joe Biden met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, expectations were low.
Despite a basic commitment to repatriating contractors and agreeing to open "constructive" talks with the US on issues such as cyber security and foreign policy, Putin did not show that the first meeting of face leaders on Wednesday forced a change of heart. No amount of friendly words, it seems, will prevent the Russian leader from continuing to adhere to his political agenda at home and in Russia and abroad without being completely punished.

Although he said at a press conference that he did not think there was any "enmity" between him and Biden, Putin made a statement about fighting the US to oppose criticism of the Russian Federation.
When asked  about cyber attacks on US bases from Russian soil, Putin brought cyber attacks to Russia. "As far as cyber security is concerned, we have agreed that we will begin to discuss the matter and I believe it is very important. Obviously, both sides have to make some commitments there," he added.
Violent in Russian domestic politics, Putin repeatedly criticized the stability and stability of the United States, pointing to the violence and assassination of George Floyd on January 6. For many black Americans "you don't have time to open your mouth and be shot dead," he said.

When asked about Russia's fight against domestic political opponents - especially the arrest of Alexey Navalny - the Russian president even suggested that the well-known opposition actually wanted to be arrested.

"This man knew he was breaking Russian law. He has been convicted twice ... He wanted to voluntarily break the law. He did exactly what he wanted to do. So what kind of conversation (about him) can we have?"
On the issue of Russia's illegal occupation of Crimea, Putin said that the military action in his country was in full compliance with international law, and that the Americans were in fact cruel to "building capabilities on the Russian border." On Ukraine's sensitive issue of joining NATO, he said "nothing will be discussed."
General observers of the Russian president are accustomed to this level of confidence and expulsion. Putin is a man who is protected by his full strength at home that he can enter a meeting with the most powerful man in the world without losing anything.

What Putin took with him

The conference light was almost designed to fit Putin's home needs. These meetings have been requested by the US, with respect to the Kremlin, confirming that Putin is a leader of the same status as the US President.
"This is exactly what the Kremlin wants. Talking to the US as equals and in a way that the other side does not want a change in the status quo," said Oleg Ignatov, a senior Russian Crisis Group analyst based in Moscow.
"There is no doubt that Putin will continue to explore Biden if negotiations are closed or continue negatively in Moscow. This is not the beginning of normal relations. It is a break from their ongoing corruption," he added.
However, it may be controversial that Putin fired the US President over time, and everything the Russian president did was designed to make him play at home.

Keir Giles, Senior Consulting Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program at Chatham House, points out that resistance to the United States has been a big part of Putin's success at home.

"His strong response to soft softball questions from Russian media and challenges from foreign journalists will win points at home for those Russians who share the same belief that the West is a dangerous, unpredictable, and aggressive partner in relations," he said.
Of course, Wednesday’s events also play into the long history of the past decade: the West, no matter how hard it speaks about Russia, has never been able to recapture Putin and its allies. In the eyes of Putin's opponents, there have been insufficient results for a man poisoning political opponents, interfering in foreign elections, supporting the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in exploding his country, and adding foreign territory.
In the eyes of many of his supporters, Putin's meeting with the US President will be seen as proof that Russia's top dog has absolutely reasons for his actions. They may argue that you have properly agreed to work with the US on major international issues such as security and common means of communication. And he was able to do that while highlighting mistakes in American society and defending his own.

The summit also gave Putin an opportunity to stem the tide of bad relations between Moscow and the DC, as the United States could now hesitate to impose further economic sanctions on Russia or reprimand Putin for arresting his rivals at home. All of that could be useful when Russia holds parliamentary elections later this year.
In short, Putin went to Geneva and found exactly what he was looking for. And he left Switzerland with a great diplomatic victory, simply to arrive.

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