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Car Ride giant Didi Chuxin wants to try More than just Uber of China


BEIJING-China's version of Uber, Didi Chuxin, we are trying to use a car, travel as a means of integrating the many aspects of our everyday lives, from grocery shopping, to the economic ones.

Didi-up to Thursday's listing on the New York city as part of what looks very much looking forward to that, maybe it's the largest the entry-level placement in the warehouse and in the world this year. Founded in 2012, the company is one of the top five private startups in the world, and counts SoftBank, Uber, and Tencent as a major investor.

Mostly avenue, based on Didi's main work to be done on the smartphone-based car rental service in China, which last year brought in $ 20.4 billion in income, on the back of a loss of $ 1.62 billion. However, when Didi and turned a profit for the first quarter of the current year, the revenue share of "initiatives", was a 5% to 4% in 2020. This is an increase of 1.2% in 2018.

A quick look at the Didi Display of the smartphone app, and a lot of other products related to sharing, bike, travel, personal finance, and service stations. An icon is similar to the icon of the set of Alipay, which is a subsidiary of Alibaba, whose app is not a mobile platform, and also give you the opportunity to order tickets and to pay for utilities. Similarly, the success of the south east Asia-Travel-the messaging app is also provide the food, and would like to be a regional leader in the field of mobile payments. 

The eight types of car services

Didi is the most important program of horseback riding in China, even with the addition of a number of other players, including those who have been focusing on high-end cars and Shouqi) or new energy vehicles (Classic, Classic).

Users can choose from the eight-Didi options of car rental to luxury car service. Didi also allows you to call a taxi through the app and deal with the driver and the companies that assign to the driver, the car's owner, who may have had too much alcohol to, or can't drive your car for any other reason. During this time, the driver is able to drive through the information on the fold-out bikes.

The company said that in the 12 months that ended on March 31, there were 377 million annual active users and 13 million annual active drivers in China. Didi said that he earned $ 133.64 billion last year. RMB ($20.88 billion) into the Chinese Market,"category as well.

In addition, other services, Didi, such as e-bikes, and transportation, supplies various types of products can be 15 kopeks, with more than $ 100, the prospectus says. 


The creative and financial leverage

His avenue Didi is noted that in the last year, the company's total income by 5.76 trillion yuan from the "other initiatives", which was organized as a major contribution to the exchange of motorcycles and e-bikes. "The second type of operation, is also included in this category are the inner-city goods transport, rental, automobile, purchasing, community groups, and financial services.

In August, the company said in its financial, technology, device, Didi's support-a-listed securities to which the prospectus announced a partnership with Shanghai - based banking, financial services for consumers and other digital finance products.

 it will see the light of day, and to collaborate with China Merchants Bank in order to support the credit card program through the app, the ride came in, and plan to buy a car on the installment plan. Didi's subsidiaries, working with Ping An Insurance, sales, finance and leasing products, and insurance.

The Startup Lease provides cars for hire at the driver, at prices which are, they say, are about 20 percent lower than that of the outside of the platform, Didi. And there are more than 600,000 vehicles available for hire, roughly half of which is owned by about 3 000 of the car to the leasing partner, thereby reducing the amount of assets that Didi said, the prospectus says.

In particular, Didi recently promoted its mobile payment system, some of the users in Beijing, set it as your default payment method for discounts. The user was required to select other items, such as WeChat pay, and then the discount is taken off.

The Didi ride-over-the application runs an international credit card. The company operates in 15 different countries, including Brazil, Mexico, and Japan. 

The commandments of the electric

Many analysts expect of a self-propelled, single-vehicle, to be the main means of transport, and, in the future, as individually owned, the car's rights.

Didi has invested in autonomous driving unit, which launched the ' Robotaxis parts of the tour in June 2020. In November, the ride-com, announced that it was partnering with the INSTITUTE for the development of an electric vehicle, called D1, which over the next few months are going to be introduced in the chinese cities.

In May, the Law, and the State of the forum sections are supported by the GAC Aion, New Energy, Automobile, agreed to work towards mass production of a fully self-energy vehicles.

Didi claims to be the largest electric vehicle charging network in China, based on research. 


Data privacy and other risks

Didi’s planned IPO in New York comes as tensions between the U.S. and China have built up over the last few years. The ride hailing giant spent almost three pages of its prospectus discussing risks of delisting from being unable to comply with U.S. government audit requirements.

The Chinese government’s increased scrutiny on tech companies regarding monopolistic practices and general regulatory scrutiny on data privacy are also risks Didi named in its prospectus.

In 2018, Didi came under fire from Chinese social media users — who called for deletion of the app — after a woman was allegedly raped and killed by a driver. As a result, Didi announced it would record audio during car trips, which would be deleted after seven days.

Didi did not specifically mention this feature in its prospectus.


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