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China’s New Security Law for Hong Kong, Global Response, and Opinion: An analysis


Hong Kong

Hong Kong has become a key flashpoint as some will see associate degree rising conflict between the U.S. and China. China unveiled a sweeping new national security law for the island town, taking aim at the pre-democracy movement that had captured world attention since last year. Currently the question is why is China obligatory a national security law in Hong Kong? Hong Kong was given back to China from British management in 1997, however under a special agreement - Basic Law and a alleged “one country, two systems” principle. Critics say the new law effectively curtails protest and undermines Hong Kong’s freedom. China is meant to guard bound freedoms for Hong Kong: freedom of assembly and speech.

 What are the new laws? 

A decision from the ruling Communist Party in the Beijing authorized Chinese legislators to draft a national security law for Hong Kong. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has signed new national security laws for Hong Kong and that they square measure currently in impact. The law came into effect an associate degree hour before the twenty third day of the city’s relinquishment to China from British rule.


  •  Crimes of secession, subversion, coercion and collusion with foreign forces punishable by captivity.
  • Companies or teams that violate national security law will be fined and will have operations suspended.
  •  Damaging bound public transportation associate degreed instrumentality are going to be thought of an act of “terrorism”.
  • Some trials are going to be detected behind closed doors.
  • Anyone condemned for violating security legislation won't be allowed to find himself/herself in any Hong Kong elections.
  • The law can apply to permanent and non permanent residents of Hong Kong.
  • The activities of the new national security agency and its personnel in Hong Kong won't be underneath the jurisdiction of the government.
  • The law says the management of foreign NGOs and new agencies in Hong Kong are going to be strong.
  • Authorities will survey and wiretap persons suspected of endangering national security.

  Only a few individuals had seen the complete text of the law before it had been enacted, a supply of dispute in Hong Kong. Carrie Lam, the Chief executive of the territory wasn't enclosed.

Reaction of Hong Kong 

 The reaction by the folks of HK began the instant the law was signed by China’s President Xi Jinping. Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong began to quit their protest at once, terrified of the new law, and therefore the penalization it permits. Opposition lawgiver Ted Hui said “Beijing’s promise to the planet that Hong Kong will have a high degree of autonomy is evidenced to be a lie”.

But despite the risks, some remained decisive to go ahead with the prohibited traditional rally on 1July (Wednesday), amid reports of enormous numbers of police digressive onto Hong Kong’s monetary district. New protests were aggravated against a law that might have seen its voters tried, or taken to court, for political crimes in China. Protest similar to the Umbrella Movement that materialized years before.


How the world responded to China's national law for Hong Kong? 

China previously mentioned that the law they obliged on Hong Kong was important to subsume dissent and foreign obstruction at stretches in semi self-ruling domains.


We are looking forward to each and every imposed law, to clarify whether it's against the international community or the breach of the U.K and CHINA contract. We cannot let our commitments go down to the citizens of Hong Kong.


China is showing its brutality and domination over the people of Hong Kong who were peacefully asking back their rights and freedom that were provided then before . We will convince Mr. Donald Trump to give a look upon the scenario of China's  official abuses over the citizens of Hong Kong and act on this issue and work on the same .


China ensured that Hong Kong would be kept unaltered for the next 50 years. The assignment of the National Security Law makes people feel that this devotion is such a hit to open sureness. We all are disappointed that China was not able to fulfill its commitments. 


European Council President Charles Michel stated, "This law risks genuinely sabotaging the serious extent of self-sufficiency of Hong Kong and harmfully affecting the freedom of the legal executive and accordingly the standard of law.


In the wake of having a deep understanding of the current situation in Hong Kong , we have seen the ruthlessness. What's more, control of Chinese Communist gatherings over Hong Kong. The assurance and opportunity of Hong Kong has now evaporated after the new Security laws. The relations of Hong Kong with other outside nations were distinctive when contrasted with China . 

The fundamental reason for forcing these laws was that no other state or region was getting a charge out of this much opportunity as Hong Kong were , which turned into a significant explanation behind Chinese Communist gathering to actualize these laws. Albeit, other remote nations are absolutely against this activity of China as their mercilessness was most certainly not worthy in worldwide perspectives. The individuals of Hong Kong attempted to spare themselves from these forced laws and furthermore needed to dispose of Chinese impedance. 

Subsequently ,they fizzled at it. After breaking the concurrence with the U.K , China made its explanation that they are adhering to their propensities. This activity will legitimately offer an impact to Hong Kong on their promoting and monetary relations with remote nations. At long last, I might want to make my words here, that what all occurred with Hong Kong and how mercilessly China took the rights and opportunities from residents of Hong Kong was all against the global laws. Here , China ought to give their old laws what's more, rights back to Hong Kong and should quit rehearsing such things on them.


By: Shubham Khandelwal

Student at (FIMT)IPU, Delhi


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