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Complaint Filed against Instagram, God Shiva alcohol-holding sticker, hurting Hindu sentiments

Complaint against Instagram for hurting Hindu sentiments with alcohol-holding God Shiva sticker

instagram sticker

The complainant mentions that God Shiva is venerated by millions and millions of Hindus and accuses Instagram officials of committing serious offences.


The Delhi residence of Manish Singh on complaining about the social media platform Instagram, and so, in one of his music, and he lost sight of the images of the God Shiva. The applicant claims that the label and description, of the God Shiva, with an alcohol in the hand, a cell phone, and the other to the religious feelings of insult to Hindus.

The applicant notes that the God Shiva is loved by millions upon millions of Hindus and accusing the Instagram servants to commit a serious crime. The number that is shown in one of the exchange formats (GIF). Lord Shiva also appears to nod to this brand.

The complainant alleges that "the defendant has intentionally and purposefully insult the feelings, and the feelings of millions of Hindus, among other things, the complainant, and Technical Description, of God, of the Lord Shiva, and in such a state."

The applicant also claims that the labels are applied, "with the sole intent of provoking and should not be followers of the Hindu community, in the process, help, discord, hatred, and resentment, and, moreover, the defendant's conduct can lead to the most party of the followers of the Hindu community, and that this might lead to a breach of the peace."

Therefore, the applicant is required to register a criminal case against the PRESIDENT, on Instagram, and the rest of the officials, in accordance with article 153, and 295A of the Indian Penal code and relevant sections of the it Act.


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