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Growing Sea Snots and Ghost Forests raise concern of Scientists: A Disaster on its Way

 Climate Change and global Warming makes new Issue (SEA SNOT AND GHOST FOREST)

Recently due to climate change and global warming, a New countries seem to face a new emerging crisis and issues regarding sea snots in turkey and sudden increasing of ghost forest in several coastal countries has raised the concern of scientists.

What is Sea Snot?

sea snot

Sea snot is a slimy layer of grey or green sludge or  marine mucilage that is formed when algae (plants that grow mainly in water) are overloaded with nutrients. It is a result of water pollution and also effects of climate change and global warning because the nutrient overloaded occurs when algae feast on warm weather.

Recently Turkey faced environmental issue of largest outbreak of ‘sea snots’ in this Sea of Marmara took place. Turkey is the part of Asia and Europe both and its capital is Ankara in Asian part of turkey. Turkeys Sea of Marmara, which connectes the black sea to the Aegean Sea. Sea of Marmara is connected with Aegean Sea through Dardanelles strait and also connected with black sea though Basphorus strait.

Why grew in Sea of MARMARA?

  • OVERPRODUCTION: It is the result of overproduction of phytoplankton caused by climate change.
  • HOUSEHOLD AND INDUSTRIAL WASTE: over dumping and uncontrolled of households and industrial waste into the sea.
  • OVER POPULATION: also main problem is over population in big cities like (Istanbul) lives in bank of Sea of Marmara.

Concern Raised by SEA SNOTS

  • MARINE ECOSYSTEM: due to sea snots mass death among the fish population and killed aquatic organisms.
  • LIVELIHOODS OF FISHERMAN: due to sludge in sea fisher nets making them so heavy and break the nets.
  • DISEASES: it can spread water borne diseases.


  • By entire Marmara will be turned into protected
  • Reduced pollution and improve treatment of waste water.
  • Turkey biggest maritime clean up operation.



Countries across the world are facing steeply increase of ghost forests. Recently India was also in news regarding increasing or rise of ghost forest in coastal area of Several states.


ghost forest

Ghost forests are the patch of land with dead and decaying timber, which were once a part of forest ecosystem. or in simple words we can say a "Former Forests" which are now dried up.

How are GHOST FORESTS formed?

RISING SEA LEVEL: they are outcome of rising sea level in oceans by many reasons. The rising of sea come with many problems.

  1.  Melting of glaciers and ice caps are also the main reason of rising of sea level. Continue glacial melt in Antarctica and Greenland slowing ocean currents. Two third sea levels rise due to melting of ice in glaciers.
  2. Thermal expansion is also a reason of sea rising.
    Earth ocean water absorbs 93 percent of atmospheric heat with green house gases emissions. The ocean water is warmer year by year in 1880 ocean temperature was (-0.02) degree Celsius but in 2020 data shows (+0.76) degree Celsius in 2020.
  3. Due to sea rising or warmer many cyclone made and hit the earth surface. In result of these cyclone coastal area forests trees destroy.
  4. Result of sea level rise salt water intrusion into the ground water and slowly salty water poisons trees and eventually kills them. 

By: Shubham Attri

(Law Student at IPU, DELHI)

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