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Naftali Bennett: New PM of Israel, Netanyahu unseated

Naftali Bennett

The Israel Parliament ousted the Benjamin Netanyahu-led Government as the opposition’s coalition government led by the Naftali Bennett approved to form a government. Naftali Bennett is a right-wing leader and selected as the new Prime Minister of Israel. 

Naftali Bennett is famous for his Ultra Nationalist image. Naftali Bennett is a right-wing Jewish nationalist leader and a former tech millionaire who is an all set lead the eight party bloc in Israel.   

Benjamin Netanyahu was expelled from the office as the Parliament approves the opposition coalition parties to make government. The astonishing change in the turbulent politics of Israel causes opposition to form the Government. The Ultra Nationalist government in Israel will be going to be much disastrous or monstrous upon the enemy nations of the Country. 

However, the eight party coalitions happen due to the ideology and identical following of the hawkish right-wing leader Bibi. The loved ones used to call him “King Bibi” whereas the opposition and critics call him “Crime Minister”. 

Meanwhile, from the Indian point of view, Israel’s new PM is also going to be suitable for India as his policy is also supportive towards America and India. The Diplomatic relation of PM Narendra Modi is famous all over the world, though the new will again prove to be successful for Indian Policy.

Therefore, Benjamin Netanyahu is unseated as Prime Minister of Israel amid increasing anger or protest against him within the country. The new government is made by the eight different opposition parties which are believed to be united due to identical ideology and following of hawkish right-wing leader “King Bibi”. 

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