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Nestle controversy : A producer of Unhealthy Food items?

A look at controversies Nestle was involved in

Nesle said it looked at all of her portfolios to make sure her products met the needs of a healthy diet.

The world's largest consumer food and beverage company Nestle has been facing criticism after internal submissions that most of its major food and beverage portfolio are unhealthy.

In an internal statement, the company said 60% of its food and beverage portfolio - restrictive categories such as animal feed, baby formula and coffee - did not meet the known health definition. It also acknowledged the fact that some of its food products are "never healthy".

The company is currently in the process of managing the damage and has said it is reviewing its food and health strategy. The global food producer said it looks at all its portfolios to ensure that their products meet the needs of healthy food.

The food company said the content of sodium and sugar in its product had dropped by at least 14-15% over the past seven years.

Here's a look at the controversies that Nestle has embarked on around the world

Maggi Noodles in India:

Between June 5 and September 1, 2015, approximately 38,000 tons of Maggi Noodles were removed from the shelves of retail stores nationwide and destroyed. Maggi's share in the Indian market has dropped from 80% to zero. It almost threatened Nestle India's presence as Maggi's sale contributed more than 25% of the Swiss company's Indian income.

Strike in the US:

Nestle was accused of obstructing mothers from breastfeeding and suggested that their children's formula was healthy, even though there was no evidence. This led to the export of its products to the United States in 1977 and to Europe. The boycott was officially stopped in the US in 1984, after Nestle agreed to follow an international trade code approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).


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