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Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the work of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, know what he said


Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the work of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, know what he said

New Delhi. Prime Minister Modi praised the work of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla by tweeting on Saturday. Prime Minister Modi said that in the last two years, Om Birla Ji has taken many such steps which have enriched our parliamentary democracy and increased productivity. This has led to the passing of several historic and pro-people laws. Congratulations to Om Birla Ji for these works..!

Om Birla Ji has given special emphasis on giving an opportunity to the first time elected MPs, young MPs, and women MPs to speak in the House. He has also strengthened various committees which have an important role in our democracy.

At the same time, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla says that in democracy, our effort should be to respect the views of the opposition members. It is my endeavor that the party which has even one member in the House should be given sufficient time. 

Decisions in a democracy should be taken on the basis of broad consensus and not only on the basis of the majority. Significantly, recently Om Birla had told in a special interview that the productivity of the House was 122% even in the Corona crisis.

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha had said that even though we had to limit a lot during the Corona crisis, the work was not limited. There was more discussion in the difficult times of the Kovid epidemic. In two years, 107 bills were passed by the Lok Sabha. 

The members who were present were enthusiastic. These two years were tough but we showed maximum activity. He also said that I would like regular meetings of Parliament to be conducted with physical distance and other vigilance.

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha had told that so far 425 members have taken the vaccine and informed the Parliament. Some are ministers. We are requesting the rest of the members. We had arranged for vaccination inside the Parliament as well. 

Members of Parliament themselves have to go ahead and take it up. Surprised by the controversy over the construction of the new Parliament building, Birla had said that no party had opposed the meeting of the committees of Parliament.


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