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Ready for 'Dialogue and Confrontation' with US says North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

 North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Opens Door for Dialogue With Biden.

kim jong un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said he is ready for "both negotiations and confrontations," offering the opening of negotiations as the new U.S. President's nuclear ambassador. We are going to the region to build support for a plan aimed at Pyongyang.

The remarks, made at a full Central Committee meeting of his ruling Workers ’Party of Korea on Thursday, are the first high-level negotiation proposal since Biden replaced Donald Trump, who met with Kim three times. Pyongyang has so far rejected Biden's demands for negotiations and reiterated the U.S. president's comments. Criticizing the North Korean weapons program.

Kim also slammed the call for the country to "be fully prepared to deal with the war to protect our country's dignity and its interests," according to a report on Friday from a Korean Central News Agency official. The message follows an agreement from Kim made earlier this year to develop more advanced nuclear technology.

Biden's special envoy for North Korea, Sung Kim, is expected to hold talks with colleagues in Seoul and Tokyo on Monday during a visit.

Biden hosted Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the White House in April and South Korean President Moon Jae-in in May, the first foreign leaders invited to his official residence. The visit highlighted the importance he placed on his country’s relations with his two allies, jointly holding large numbers of US troops in Asia. Moon has been pressuring the United States to continue its nuclear talks with Pyongyang.

"Kim's fine memorial will probably be received differently in Washington and Seoul," said Soo Kim, Rand Corp. policy analyst. who previously worked for the Central Intelligence Agency.

He said a message from the North Korean leader would not do much to change Biden's approach but would provide encouragement to Moon's leaders, who have been "hanging carrots before Kim lured North Koreans back to the negotiating table."

"Kim will only present talks in the U.S. and South Korea where his conditions are met," Soo Kim said.
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The North Korean leader has not shown interest in resuming nuclear talks that could provide relief from sanctions that hamper his empire's economy. North Korea has been finding ways to avoid sanctions through cybercrime and trafficking from shipping to sea at sea, according to reports by the United Nations Security Council.

Still, his country feels a little out of place. North Korea's economy will grow slowly by 2021 after a sharp decline in decades as it continues to fight the epidemic, international sanctions to punish its nuclear and missile tests, and a lack of trade with its biggest ally, China, Fitch Solutions said. in April.

Earlier in the week at a similar meeting, Kim Jong Un made the odd move that the food situation was "tense," due to last year's hurricane devastation. The comments emphasized the shortcomings in the farm sector which were exacerbated by his decision to close the border to prevent Covid.

While Kim was talking to Trump, he was busy adding to his pile of arrows and arrows that could bring wars to the U.S. and its allies, increasing his power as the anti-gun talks resumed. Despite the economic crisis, Kim has moved forward with nuclear weapons from as far away as North Korea saying they were preventing U.S. attacks.

Trump's former ambassador to North Korea, Stephen Biegun, said in a statement this month with the Arms Control Association he said he believed an agreement could be reached with Pyongyang.

Biegun sees Biden's policy as a continuation of what his party wanted, "which is a roadmap

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