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Right to Safe Abortion, Resolution Passes in EU Parliament, aiming to improve women's sexual and reproductive health.

EU Parliament

European Union legislatures on Thursday approved a resolution calling on 27 member states to guarantee legal and safe abortion in order to improve women's sexual and reproductive health.

The non-binding resolution, passed by 378 to 255 votes, said the COVID-19 epidemic had limited access to many important sexual and reproductive health services and rights, indicating how the epidemic affected women more than men.
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The vote came on the same day as a referendum in Gibraltar on whether to reduce one of Europe's strongest abortion laws.

While most Europeans have officially registered abortions, some countries have imposed restrictions, and deep divisions over abortion rights still exist.
Rights activists say women's rights in Europe have been under pressure in recent years, especially in Poland, whose national government has introduced a law banning abortions.

The parliamentary resolution calls on EU countries to intensify regular health check-ups, improve access to contraceptives and fertility treatments, and combat menopause poverty.

It wants laws to protect the rights of homosexuals and calls for better sex education for children.

    The vote followed a heated debate in the chamber, with lawmakers voting in favor of more than 50 amendments to the decision.

Proponents say that strengthening sexual and reproductive health and rights is necessary to ensure equality and respect for human rights and democracy.

Opponents say abortion will not improve women's health and that the right to life is important.


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