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SpaceX ties with GEC to sell space art through cryptocurrency, Dogecoin used as unit of account between SpaceX and GEC

Dogecoin, the popular meme cryptocurrency, was chosen as the unit of account between SpaceX and GEC, giving Doge a claim on the first unit of space commerce, however, it is not the only space currency.

dogecoin cryptocurrency

The announcement of the DOGE-1 equipment - a partnership between Elon Musk's SpaceX and futurist Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) - was accepted as the start of a cryptocurrency space race.

Dogecoin, a popular meme cryptocurrency meme, was chosen as the unit of account between SpaceX and GEC, giving Doge a claim on the first space trading unit.

However, it is not the end of space money. The first press release referred to a number of organizations involved in the GEC, many of which are cryptocurrency projects. So, how do they fit into these? The answer is space art.
With the rise of stars in projects involving the arts and cryptocurrency, it seems that GEC wants to explore what is happening to the value of art - or advertising - when it is tied to the CubeSat side and shot towards the moon.

The article talked about the extra loading space that should be provided to the arts in the form of space plates provided by Geometric Labs and Geometric Gamin Corporation, and since then, four cryptocurrency projects have received low-key releases, and rumors are beginning to circulate that tokens are related to Doge-1 activity. Their names are Rho, Beta, Kappa and Gamma. A fifth project was later launched, Xi.

They still have to be officially affiliated with GEC, but a collection of tokens websites are already unknown. Are these tokens part of the art of space, and can they be tied directly to the GEC? A little digging into the websites and the token code itself seems to confirm it.
Token websites claim to be part of the job, and that each token will be involved in how art is displayed on the CubeSat side, opening the door for art to be organized, modified or distributed back to Earth.

Pointblank is partnering with GEC to create CubeSats on the go, and has recently sent more hashtags. The Pointblank website contains in its source files a picture of one of the tokens.

The man behind GEC is Sam Reid. He introduced a new TG group focused on tokens. This is a missing clip: GEC has now set tokens.


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