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44 digital village centres inaugurated in Jammu & Kashmir by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha

LG Manoj Sinha

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Tuesday said a new era of development had rightly begun in the Union Territory, which had taken a major step towards inclusive development.

 After opening 44 digital community centers in Jammu and Kashmir, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Tuesday said a new era of development had begun in the Union Territory, which had taken a major step towards inclusive development.

"The new era of development has rightly begun in Jammu and Kashmir, and we have taken a major step towards inclusive development. Today, 44 panchayats, 40 blocks have been handed over to people through Digital Village Centers and arrangements have been made to access all online government schemes. said Sinha.

He also pointed out that the plan would enable the government to disseminate the program and its policies through a more accessible system.

Sinha has distributed small commercial vehicles to 250 children from across UT under the 'Mukwin' program of the Mission Youth program at a distribution event held at SKICC here.

Congratulating the young people who were given the keys to the small car sales, Lt Governor wished them a prosperous future as they embarked on a new journey as self-employed entrepreneurs.
Emphasizing the need for youth empowerment, Lt Governor said UT executives run a number of livelihood programs, skills development and youth participation under Mission Youth and other self-employment programs.

"The collective commitment of all youth programs is to provide them with job training and service providers without becoming successful entrepreneurs," added Lt Governor.

He announced that under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Jammu and Kashmir had secured a new industrial development plan of Rs 28,400 crore.

"When the program was launched earlier this year, our estimate was to attract Rs 20,000-25,000 crores. But considering the interest and investment of investors, it appears that this figure could reach Rs.50,000 crores. Similarly, the employment rate under the New program Industrial Development will double, "he said.

"Apart from establishing industrial estates, IT Towers, Logistics Parks, Cold Chain, Medicity, Edu-city etc., the Industrial Policy also focuses on promoting industrial growth at the Block level," noted Lt Governor.

Mentioning the various programs taken by the Government for women's economic empowerment, Lt Governor mentioned, among other things, the 'Tejaswini' program and the 'Hausla' program initiated by the Jammu and Kashmir administration for women, where training and market integration will be provided.

He said the government had also implemented a plan to expand the businesses of women entrepreneurs through the Tejaswini program.

Jammu and Kashmir have set themselves the goal of building 50,000 young boys and girls. "In addition to bringing about change in the employment sector, we are also working on infrastructure development," said Lt Governor.

Commenting on a report by the Indian Economic Monitoring Center in June, he said today the unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir was only 10.6 percent, which is the lowest in most provinces such as Kerala, Rajasthan, Haryana, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh and Goa.

"Today the youth feel in touch with the open management. I receive messages from thousands of young people every month and I am thrilled that for the first time they have found hope in a transparent and corruption-free system. I believe there is no such challenge that cannot be overcome by the 1,25 crore of Jammu and Kashmir," added Lt Governor. .


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