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According to research, it has been found out how long the antibodies will be present in the body

According to research, it has been found out how long the antibodies will be present in the body

London. Ever since the corona pandemic has engulfed the world, one word has been mentioned enough. This word is an antibody. 

Everyone wants to know what it is and how long these antibodies remain effective in the body after being hit by corona. Scientists and experts have been answering this question many times. 

Many pieces of research have also been done about this all over the world. Similar research has been done recently in Italy. The data of this research shows that antibodies are present in the body for about nine months after corona infection.

In this research done on antibodies, it has been claimed that even after nine months, there are enough antibodies in the body. Let us tell you that after the attack of the virus, the body automatically produces antibodies. 

These antibodies help us to eliminate or protect against the effects of the virus in the body. It has also been revealed in recent research that antibodies have been found in the body with symptoms of corona as well as in those without symptoms.

This research is very special in this respect. Researchers have drawn this conclusion on the basis of data from an Italian town. 

Let us tell you that during February and March last year, the research team of Padua University in Italy and Imperial College London, UK carried out this research on three thousand people. Under this, a corona test of more than 85 percent of people was done.

After a few months, these people were tested again in May and again in November. The purpose of this test was to detect the antibodies present in the body. This research has been published in Nature Communications magazine. 

It was revealed in this research that in February and March, about 98.8 percent of the people suffering from corona were found to have antibodies in November as well. During the research, no significant difference was also found regarding antibodies between symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

 Giving information about this research, researcher Ilaria Dorigti of Imperial College London said that this shows that the immune response capacity does not depend on the symptoms and the severity of the infection.

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