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China imposes sanctions on 7 US officials in response to US penalties on Hong Kong officials

China on Friday imposed sanctions on seven US individuals and entity, under Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law, in response to the US penalties imposed on the Hong Kong officials.

US China

China on Friday imposed sanctions on seven US people and the organization, under the International Penal Code, for US sanctions imposed on Hong Kong officials over alleged democratic fraud in the private sector.

The move comes as a result of a recent US warning to companies about the dangers of doing business in Hong Kong. Last week, the United States imposed sanctions against Hong Kong on seven people and warned companies of the dangers of doing business in the area.

A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry said: "The US has designated the so-called 'Hong Kong Business Advisory' to unnecessarily pollute Hong Kong's business premises, and illegally imposed sanctions on certain structures of the Central People's Government Communications Office in Hong Kong SAR."


A list of seven U.S. people includes former United States Trade Minister Wilbur Louis Ross; US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) chairwoman Carolyn Bartholomew; former Human Resources Director of the China Commission-Executive Commission (CECC) Jonathan Stivers; DoYun Kim at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs; International Republican Institute (IRI) senior program manager Adam Joseph King; Chinese Director of Human Rights Watch Sophie Richardson, and Hong Kong Democracy Council.

Earlier, a notice from the US Treasury Department of Foreign Affairs (OFAC) stated that seven Chinese officials based in Hong Kong had been added to the Specially Designated Nationals list.

The acts of punishment are said to be directed at people from the Hong Kong communications office. The LOCPG is China's leading forum for showcasing its power in Hong Kong and has repeatedly undermined Hong Kong's high level of independence in the Sino Declaration - British Joint.


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