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Japanese Government imposes emergency in Tokyo amid Olympics due to surging coronavirus cases

Tokyo Olympics

The Japanese government on Thursday declared a state of emergency in the capital Tokyo, and for the entire duration of the Olympic Games and in the midst of a sharp increase in the incidence of the corona virus in the country.

"We will have to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo, japan," Japanese Prime minister Yoshihide Suga said, adding: "The time period which will last until the 22nd of August."

The winter Olympic Games in Tokyo starting on the 23rd of July and will end on the 8th of August, at the very least 11,000 athletes from over 200 countries.

There were 896 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Japanese capital on Thursday, even as the authorities have begun to prepare the way for the mega sporting event.

"In areas under a state of emergency, we are taking the steps that we have taken, and we will get evenly-stop pouring of alcoholic beverages in the restaurants," Suga added.

The emergency measures that were taken after the local media reported that the organizers of the Olympic games is going to be a ban on the audience to take part in this event. In the news they are saying that they were being asked to avoid the routes, as well as for the marathon, will take place in the northern part of Hokkaido.

The Olympic torch relay has been cancelled by its organisers to be in the middle of a pandemic, in Tokyo, japan.

The prime Minister of Japan, and assured the citizens that emergency measures may be cancelled if the effect of the vaccine, and the question as to the length of a fall.

The authorities say that the Delta function is currently accounts for 30 per cent of the cases, in Tokyo, can continue to grow.

Under the new rules, as well as alcohol is prohibited in bars and restaurants, and it is going to be ordered to close until 8 o'clock in the evening.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has already been postponed for a year, with an event that was supposed to take place last year but was postponed from last year, when the disease swept the world.

According to a study carried out in the country, most of the Japanese wanted the event to be postponed once again, however, the mood has changed somewhat in the last few weeks.

Japan has recorded 810,000 cases of COVID-19, with 14,900 deaths, the health authorities are concerned that the number of cases will rise in the Olympic Games, as thousands of athletes, organizers, and fans will gather for the event.

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