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Attack likely in evacuation operation, Biden warnes US citizens to leave Kabul airport immediately

Joe Biden

 A few days after the bombing at Kabul Airport, US President Joe Biden said the threat of a terrorist attack at the airport was "still high."

"The situation below continues to be extremely dangerous, our management told me.

A number of Afghans were killed, including 13 American workers on Thursday around Kabul airport. The United States said on Saturday it had killed targets, including a strike in eastern Afghanistan in retaliation for student attacks on Thursday.

The bombing was demanded by the Muslim-Khorasan group.
Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said: "The fact that two of these people are no longer walking on Earth, is a good thing."
President Biden also said the United States would "continue to hunt down anyone involved in the atrocities" as the US continues its task of evacuating the deadline by August 31 just two days before it happens.

Meanwhile, the US ambassador to Kabul warned its citizens of a "reliable threat" and urged them to leave the airport immediately. "

The ambassador said there was a threat "at the South Gate (Airport Airport), the new Interior Department, and the gate near the Panjshir petrol station on the northwest side of the airport."

U.S. authorities say 1,400 people at the airport were "tested" on Saturday and boarded flights with 112,000 people from Afghanistan since August 14.

Kirby said the bodies of 13 American soldiers killed during the attack on Kabul airport were returned home on Saturday.


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