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Boeing 737 MAX aircraft allowed to FLy in INDIA after 30 Months Global Ban due to security issues

Boeing 737 max
India allows Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to fly 30 months after global ban SpiceJet plans to bring the aircraft back in service by Sep-end

Boeing’s projection suggests airlines in India will need more than 2,200 new jets worth almost $320 billion over the next 20 years

The Director of Aviation Control Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday lifted the ban on Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, two and a half years after it was imposed worldwide. The ban followed two accidents that killed 346 passengers.
India, with the exception of China, was the only major Chicago airline with Boeing's capital that did not allow the airline to operate until now. While the Federal Aviation Administration in the US allows the 737 MAX to be able to replicate it again and again it will soon be approved.
 “Globally 17 operators have approved the operation of 737 MAX aircraft. The 34 airlines operated 345 flights with 2,89,537 hours of flight without reporting malfunctions. For the above reasons, the 737 MAX flight ban is being lifted, ”wrote DGCA chief Arun Kumar in a circular letter.

India's budget SpiceJet network has one of the largest flight order with 13 people delivered and 142 waiting. The airline said it would return the plane by the end of September. Airlines backed by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Akasa is also in talks with Boeing for the purchase of up to 100 737 MAX aircraft.

A pilot with 737 MAX flight expert said it would take about 15 working days for each flight to get them ready to return to the sky. "The work will include installing new hardware and software changes to aircraft control systems, performance checks, multiple test checks and a pre-flight test to control the airplane," he explained.

Changes to the air traffic control system have been approved by the FAA as accident investigators say an automated flight control system, called MCAS, is responsible for these fatal accidents. “This software review will take approximately two to four hours per flight.

Approximately 200 hours of repair work will also have to be done on each aircraft including aircraft maintenance. “Since the plane has been stored for a long time, it will have to be removed so that it will not be stored. In addition there will be aviation training and renewal of engineering manuals, ”he said.

 Boeing’s prediction suggests that airlines flying to India will need more than 2,200 new jets costing approximately $ 320 billion over the next 20 years.

In a statement issued on the stock exchange, SpiceJet said it had entered into an agreement with Dublin-based Avolon - the lowest aircraft of 737 MAX airlines.
“I am happy to tell you that our 737 MAX will be back on the air soon. MAX Aircraft will play a major role in our future expansion. With better and more efficient vessels, we expect significant reductions in our operating costs that improve our goals, ”said SpiceJet CMD Ajay Singh.

SpiceJet said it lost the business because of its foundation and sought compensation from Boeing. In the last eight installments since the launch of the 737 MAX, the airline has booked another revenue of about $ 1,400 as a penalty. However, the auditors maintained that there was "no guarantee" that compensation would take place.

SpiceJet received and received Rs 275 crore from Boeing at present and in ongoing negotiations, compensation for the balance is expected to be received in the near future, according to sources. The airline could also agree to a similar waiver if Boeing reinstates its long-term lease rent.


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