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Controversy ignites over Hotstar series "The Empire", messing the historical facts

The Empire and Babur

"Showing Invader as an Emperor"

Series "The Empire" recently released on OTT platform, namely Hotstar under their banner "Hotstar Specials" created by Filmmaker Nikhil Advani. The concerned series talks about the life story of the First Mughal Emperor (invader) Babur and is initiated with the motive of extending it for other seasons, too showing the life story of other Mughal Emperor's (Invaders). The show is based on the Six part novel series "Empire of the Moghul: Raiders from the North", authored by Alex Rutherford

The controversy over the series witnessed the rage among the countrymen over glorifying the image of a Mughal Invader Zahir-ud-din-Muhammad-Babur who looted India, massacred, plundered, persecuted and forcefully converted lakhs and lakhs of Indians during his reign. The Indians also became sentimental over demolishing thousands of temples, including the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya


The series also lacks the most prominent war held between Rana Sangram Singh (Rana Sanga) of Mewar and Babur and several other truths about the brutality of Mughal Invader Babur. The scenes making Babur's heroic appearance into the series were also critically trolled by the People over Twitter and several other Social media platforms. Several hashtags started trending on Twitter and several other Social media platforms related to boycotting of Hotstar app, its series, Filmmaker Nikhil Advani and its star cast. 

Meanwhile, prominent Filmmaker Kabir Khan who is always fond of presenting his views towards the country again, gets critically trolled over giving a controversial statement that Mughals were "original nation-builders", sparks the controversy. 

Thus, it is very disgraceful towards those persecuted, forcefully converted to Islam and plundered by the practice of communalism and those who sacrificed their lives fighting against the injustice of the Mughals. The country should remember and respect the sacrifice of those who received martyrdom just with the motive of securing the future of the country and its people. 

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