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Partition Horrors Remembrance Day: The lesson behind observing it on 14th August


Around 75 years have passed since the Partition of India and Pakistan materialized. After a strengthened time, the government of India (BJP) took the lead forward over acknowledging the sacrifice made by people during the tough times of Partition.

PM Narendra Modi, on 13th August 2021, announced the inception of observing 14th August as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. PM Narendra Modi also reflected it as the bloody past of India, which cannot be forgotten. This move is to acknowledge the struggle and suffering of the people during that period.

The religious disturbance which causes social division, savagery among different religious groups was a notable cause of the Partition of India which resulted in the mass execution of around 2 million people and 10-20 million people were displaced. The provoking forces behind spreading religious hatred were only there to satisfy their ambition of ruling either part of the country. The nepotistic approach of the leader of the country (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) to fulfil the ambition of Jinnah and Nehru causes a deep shock for the countrymen. 

However, the kind of pain being taken up by our countrymen while leaving their towns, cities and neighboring families to shift or adapt to the other one in fear of death was very pathetic. The emotional angel behind leaving their hometown was very depressive, and as a result, the atmosphere got filled with dejection. 

Around 50 million people were in deep shock due to the deaths of their kin relations, economic losses and social losses. The times were so onerous that one should have to identify their relative's dead bodies lying here-and-there on roadsides or paths. For instance, it has been critically examined that the dead bodies were falling out of trains or buses like droplets from the running tap while executing people. 

Therefore, to preserve the future, we must have to learn from our past, and for that purpose, we have to be known of our mistakes. The restoration of the feeling of oneness, harmony, peace, human empowerment and nationalism have to conquer over the division of society in terms of caste, race, religion and language. The only suitable method is to empower the country and its unity. 

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