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Tesla to launch "Tesla Bot" humanoid robot prototype next year, says CEO Elon Musk

Musk says Tesla likely to launch humanoid robot prototype next year 

Elon musk Tesla bot

Elon Musk said the electric automaker will probably launch a "Tesla Bot" humanoid robot prototype next year, designed for dangerous, repetitive, or boring work that people don't like to do.

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk on Thursday said the electronic device will probably launch a "Tesla Bot" robot next year, designed for dangerous, repetitive, or tedious work that people don't want to do.

Speaking at Tesla's AI Day event, the billionaire businessman said the robot, which is eight inches long, will be able to handle tasks from assembling bolts to cars with a wrench, or collecting food from stores.
The robot "will have a huge impact on the economy," Musk said, to address the problem of staff shortages. He said it was important to make the machine less "expensive."

The AI ​​Day event came amid a growing test of the safety and power of Tesla's "Full Self-Driving" advanced driver driver system.

Musk did not comment on Tesla's technological safety checks but said he was confident he would be able to drive himself fully to the safety of people who now use car cameras and computers.

U.S. safety regulators earlier this week launched an investigation into the Tesla drivers' assistance program for accidents involving Tesla vehicles colliding with parked police vehicles and fire trucks.

Two US diplomats have also asked the Fair Trade Commission to investigate Tesla's claims for its "Full Self-Driving" program.
He said Tesla would also be introducing new computer hardware that works with his Cybertruck truck that takes trucks for "about a year or more."

Tesla in July postponed the launch of its much-anticipated Cybertruck since this year, without giving it a deadline for its arrival in the market.

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