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Release 9/11 Attack Probe File Anticipating Saudi links, Joe Biden orders FBI

 Joe Biden tells FBI to release files on 9/11 investigation – and possible Saudi links

Joe Biden has announced a comprehensive review and reduction of files investigating the 9/11 attacks, in response to intense pressure from Congress and the families of the victims currently centering Saudi Arabia.
"As we approach the 20th anniversary on 9/11, the American people deserve to have a full picture of what their government knows about this attack," a major order issued Friday said.

It said the full record would be disclosed in the next six months "unless strong reasons are otherwise directed".

The order said that while the release of "impartial" information could jeopardize national security and the ability to prevent future attacks, there should be a better balance between transparency and accountability.
It stated that "details should not always be divided if public interest in creation outweighs any harm to national security".

The families of the victims have long demanded that the US release Operation Encore's findings, the FBI's investigation into a possible Saudi encounter, in particular contact between Saudi officials and two 9/11 hijackers living in California months before the attack.

Riyadh has denied involvement in the hijacking and is fighting a case brought by families to New York state court.

The high order comes a month after a law was introduced on joint funding from Congress to demand transparency in the investigation.

"I am very happy," said Terry Strada, who lost her husband Tom during the World Trade Center attack, and is the co-chair of the family and survivors' group, 9/11 Community United.

"I am very pleased that we now have a high order now that will authorize a complete review of all documents."

Strada added: “The task now lies with the intelligence agencies to explain why they will be dividing the document. The way he has been doing so far is in the dark. They can no longer do that. ”

Under the executive committee, the FBI's electronic communications dated 4 April 2016 would have to be released on 11 September. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The existence of that document was approved by the US during the process of the New York case, but its contents were not disclosed.

Within two months of the order, the FBI and other agencies will be required to release "all other previously held records as separate, in whole or in part, at the time of acquisition", and another FBI electronic communications shut down Operation Encore.

Within four months, the government will ban "all interview reports, analytical documents, documentation reports, or other major records (including telephone records and bank records, if any)" from the FBI's initial investigation into the attack (known as Penttbom), where there is compliance with Operation Encore.

Within six months, the government must release any relevant information in any other investigation involving hackers and any "foreign relations".

It will be up to the attorney general or heads of the FBI or other organizations to prove that the release of any information "could reasonably be expected to endanger national security".

"The important events in question took place over the past two decades or so, and they affect the tragic period that continues to be felt in American history and in the lives of so many Americans," the official said.

"It is therefore very important to ensure that the United States government makes things clear, relying on divorce only when it is followed up a bit and is needed."
Degradation is unlikely to resolve all unanswered questions surrounding the 9/11 conspiracy.
The high order comes a day after a family complaint to the inspector general of justice, about the FBI's request for the loss of sensitive evidence, which allegedly included photographs and video footage of Saudi kidnappers and officials, witness interview records and telephone recordings of negotiators among conspirators.

Brett Eagleson, who was killed by his father, Bruce in the attack, said families would be watching to see if the reduction was complete.

"President Biden calls on us to hope that the administration will bring justice to the community on 9/11 and we hope that this is a real step forward," Eagleson said in a statement.

“We will monitor this process to ensure that the Department of Justice and the FBI follow up, work honestly and help our families find the truth in the pursuit of justice in the Saudi government. The first test will be on 9/11, and the world will be watching. ”

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