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Smriti Irani tells, Amethi is now Self Sufficient in medical Oxygen Needs

 Amethi is self-reliant in medical oxygen production and distribution: Smriti Irani 

Smriti Irani

Irani, on a two-day visit to her parliamentary constituency in Uttar Pradesh, inspected a trauma centre in Jagdishpur.

Amethi has been neglected for last 70 years and there has not been a single oxygen-producing unit, but has relied on medical oxygen now for seven crops, Union Minister Smriti Irani said on Saturday, swiping Congress with its electoral leaders for decades.

Irani, who spent two days in his parliament in Uttar Pradesh, inspected a trauma center and its functioning in Jagdishpur.

"Amethi was deprived of various facilities for 70 years. There was not a single oxygen plant in Amethi, but today there are seven oxygen plants .... Instead of medical oxygen, Amethi is independent," he said.
"Amethi is my home, my family. I can take care of the family. I do what I say. You saw that during the outbreak of COVID-19. Initially samples had to be sent to Lucknow for testing, but Yogi Adityanath government in UP has arranged for COVID tests -19 are now being made in the Amate, "said Irani, who defeated Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the 2019 constituency.

"Whether I'm on Amate or outside, I keep Amethi connected to me and  communicate with management," said the Minister for Women and Children Development.

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